An exciting and blissful moment in an elegant resort space


When you open the door there is a resort space as in tropical Thailand.

<The entrance of the store where Thai resort space is awaiting you! >

<The table seating conveys southern country mood.>

A counter for making friends.

The low counter with depth where two people can relax.
From the long counter guests can watch the chef cooking.

<Counter seating where you cansee the cooking.>

<People get closer at the comfortable counter.>


How about a Thai cuisine Party at a table where you feel Thai like in a resort? Relaxed seating and sofa seats with Thai silk cushions.

<The window’s side in the daytime with bright light.>

<Seating at the window side at night with great atmosphere! >

<Comfortable sofa also good for small children.>

<Exciting and special space.>

<You can also reserve your private space for 5-10 people.>

<You can reserve the hole restaurant. Please feel free to contact us.>