Vodka mixed drinks and sour

・Lemongrass and Vodka
Vodka made with “lemon grass tea” boiled luxuriously with raw lemon grass. It improved better and made it better.
680 Yen
・Thai Lime Sour (Manao Sour, Spicy)
It is a sour using Thai lime “Manao”. Clean refreshing “dry”, moderately sweet
680 Yen
・Jasmine and Vodka 480 Yen
・Lemon Sour 480 Yen


・Perfect Black Label ( Draught Beer )
Our “draught” certified “Perfect black label”!
580 Yen
・Chang Beer

Please compare these beers from Thailand! Singha’s “Nodogoshi” and the tasty Chang
680 Yen
・Lao Beer
An elegant taste that is refreshing but rich.
680 Yen
・ Lao Beer (Dark)
A rich and fragrant dark beer that goes well with spicy food ◎.
680 Yen
・Kona Beer (Golden Ale)
This gorgeous and fruity aroma that is a little bitter but easy to drink.
880 Yen
・Hoegaarden White
A fruity white beer that is dry with the sense of wine.
880 Yen
・Lemon Beer
Fresh and sour fruit beer that is easy to drink.
880 Yen
・Premium Alcohol Free Beer
Non alcoholic beer
580 Yen


Wine Cocktail

Rose Pamp
This is a popular cocktail for young French people. (Rose wine + ruby grapefruit)
680 Yen
SPY Gold
Thai sweet wine cooler (white wine based Muscat flavor)
680 Yen
Thai sweet wine cooler (red wine based cassis flavor)
680 Yen

Thai herbs & fruit cocktails

Cassis Lemongrass
Fresh fusion with lemon grass’ refreshing fragrance

680 Yen
Vodka Orange Juice with Thai herb Kaffir Lime
Original flavored cocktail with a scent of Thai herb (Kaffir lime leaf) in a screwdriver (vodka + orange juice).
680 Yen

Kaffir Lime Cocktail
A beautifully scented spirit that is immersed with the Kaffir lime leaf in vodka. One shot!

680 Yen
Coconut Pineapple Mango
Triple ensemble of Mango, Pineapple and Coconut
680 Yen


Cassis Soda 580 Yen
Malibu Coke 580 Yen
Rum Coke 580 Yen


Bacardi Mojito 880 Yen
Phakchi Mojito (Phakchi, Coriander, Cilantro)
Mojito made with phakchi instead of mint
980 Yen


※With ice cubes and water

(Highball、Ginger Highball、Coca Cola and Shochu)
580 Yen


※On the rocks · water split · hot water split · soda split is possible

・ Mon Siam
Made with Thai rice it has a unique sweetness from bamboo charcoal filtration and refreshing scent of distilled spirits.
680 Yen
・Iichiko (deep smoke) 580 Yen

Thai herbal teas

Colorful and rich flavor. A commitment to Thai herb tea!

Tropical Tropical Juice

・Malee Tangerine Orange Juice
Made with tangerine oranges . Low acidity and fresh flavor with pulp.
500 Yen
・Pineapple Juice
Made with only pineapples from Thailand. Less acidity and bitter, high sugar content.
500 Yen
・Guava Juice
Rich Vitamin A and C. Fresh flavor and mild taste.
500 Yen

Soft drink

・Coconut Juice ( Coconut Water )
Bottled with 100% fruit juice from young Coconuts before ripening. Ingredients are rich in minerals, especially potassium.
Point ① Rich in Potassium
② Straight juice 100%
③ Fat content · Cholesterol 0 (zero)
④ Sugar, sweetener, fragrance 0 (zero)
Good for your health (prevention of high blood pressure, prevention of swelling, measures against heat stroke)
500 Yen
・Jasmine Tea (iced tea) 400 Yen
・ Coffee (Hot or Iced) 400 Yen
・Coca Cola 400 Yen
・Ginger Ale (spicy extra ginger) 400 Yen
・Grapefruit juice 400 Yen
・Mango Juice 500 Yen
・Pomegranate squash 500 Yen
・Apple Cider 500 Yen
・ Perrier 330mL 500 Yen